What Is The Role Of Ancient Chinese Medicine In Achieving Healthier Life?

Ancient Chinese MedicineAncient Chinese medicine is a broad term that includes many treatments, therapies, practices and products not considered to be a part of conventional medicine.

This system includes everything from traditional folk remedies to high-tech biofeedback using scanners and monitors. It helps to focus on your minds and hence affecting your body.

Ancient Chinese medicine is a fluid term, with ever-changing list of therapies.

As a treatment it is tested and found to be safe and effective and hence it is being adopted by conventional practitioners and move of the ancient Chinese medicine list.

Ancient Chinese medicine is often used in conjunction with more conservative medicine which helps you in alleviating the discomfort after the surgery.

Ancient Chinese medicine often includes treatments such as special diets to treat illnesses instead of the more conventional treatments such as chemotherapy or surgery.

Ancient Chinese medicines are divided into five domains, depending on the number of factors. These are:

Alternative medical systems:

Alternative medical system consists of complete system of practice and theory rather than just a method of treatment.

These systems include alternative and complementary medicine therapies such as traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda, homeopathic medicine, etc. these systems have often evolved away from conventional methods.

Biologically based therapies:

Any treatment that uses stuff from nature is considered as a biologically based therapy. Herbs, foods and supplements are all come under biologically based therapies.

These are the most effective ancient Chinese medicine. This often includes dietary supplements and specific types of herbal remedies.

Energy therapies:

This therapy is mainly based on the concept of energy fields that surround your body. Energy fields are split into two types. They are biofield therapies and bioelectromagnetic-based therapies.

Biofield therapy uses the energy which surround your body. Reiki and Qi gong are ancient Chinese medicine therapies which uses energy fields to heal the body and clear the mind.

Bioelectromagneti-based therapies use electromagnetic fields, direct current or alternative current fields to support with healing.

Manipulative and body based methods:

Manipulative body based treatments are effectively used by osteopaths and chiropractors. This type of ancient Chinese medicine treatment involves massage, acupuncture and manipulation of body parts to ensure relief.

Mind body interventions:

Mind body interventions use the techniques to enhance the capacity of the mind to take control of your own illness and bodily functions. Ancient Chinese medicine of this type includes meditation, biofeedback, prayer and art, power prayer, mental healing, music or dance therapy.

This type of therapy is often used by support groups and can include cognitive behavioral therapy.

It is most important for you to consult your health care provider before selecting any type of ancient Chinese medicine to ensure you don’t put your health at risk. Until your doctor has allowed you won’t stop the use of conventional treatment.