How To Get Effective Relief From Back Pain With Chiropractic Therapy?

chiropractic therapyAre you suffering with low back pain? Tired of using many treatments for relief? Then prefer chiropractic therapy for effective relief.

According to the research, chiropractic therapy is as safe and effective as conventional treatments. Injuries and strains are the main reasons for low back pain. But, it takes some time to heal your low back pain.

This therapy might make you feel more comfortable as you wait for the healing to occur.

Chiropractic therapy is based on the concept that restricted movements in the spine can lead to pain and reduced functioning.

The therapist of chiropractics uses spinal adjustments in order to treat the restricted spinal mobility.

The main goal of chiropractic therapy is to restore the spinal movements that lead to improved functioning and decreased back pain.

The therapist uses his hands to apply a sudden and controlled force to the joints and pushes it beyond its normal range of motion. The therapist also uses stretching and massage to relax your muscles that are shortened or in spasm [Hot stone massage for muscle relaxation].

Not only the lower back, but your chiropractor addresses possible spinal joints in the mid back, neck, and also the extremities that need corrections. He uses the manual adjusting technique in the mid back and neck, when the lower back is addressed with small force techniques.

Is chiropractic therapy right for you?

Often, chiropractic and osteopathy are confused because both the treatments include manipulation of the body. Chiropractic therapy tends to be more mechanistic in its approach, with great emphasis on your spine as the major support structure. Poor posture in your childhood can also lead to back problems in coming years.

Is it safe to consider chiropractic therapy?

Generally, chiropractic therapy is considered as safe, but the treatment is not suitable for everyone. If you have any of the below mentioned conditions, then don’t try to seek this therapy.

  • If you have osteoporosis or any signs and symptoms of nerve damage like tingling, numbness or loss of strength in your leg or arm.
  • If you are having the history of spinal surgery, then test with your surgeon before going to consult the chiropractor.
  • If you have any manipulations of the neck and if they are linked to the strokes.
  • If your back pain is accompanied by chills, fever, unintentional weight loss or sweats, then you need to consult the doctor to discard the possibility of any infection or tumor.

Are there any side effects with chiropractic therapy for low back pain?

You may or may not experience the side effects from this therapy. But, there are some mild side effects like temporary discomfort in some parts of your body such as tiredness or headaches that can be treated. These are very minor effects and they will disappear within 1-2 days.

The rare problem that occurs from low back adjustment is cauda equina syndrome. There is a chance to occur this condition one in a million people.

So, you need to inform the practitioner about any treatments or medications that you use at the time of undergoing the chiropractic therapy. Taking proper care can keep your back pain at bay.

Regular exercises, maintaining healthy weight and proper sitting postures all contribute to reduce the back pain. Don’t perform any type of activity that involves repetitive bending or twisting.