Can Alternative And Complementary Medicine Help With Heart Disease And Diabetes?

For many there is an inaccurate perception that complementary or alternative medicine is only for minor ailments; that only conventional medicine will be of help when it comes to life threatening ailments and diseases. However, it has been seen that CAM therapies are very effective in treating major medical issues, particularly when used in conjunction with mainstream therapies.

Researchers at the La Trobe University in Melbourne found that many people use CAM therapies in addition to regular therapies for chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease as well as to improve well being and over all health. It was also observed that CAM was used to different levels by different people and they were used either occasionally or intermittently by others.

complementary and alternative medicineAn estimated 70% of the Australian population is seen to use CAM therapies, and they include, homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy, massage, reflexology, meditation, chiropractic therapy, yoga, Tai chi and spiritual healing as well.

The way that these therapies help with chronic conditions is that they help to lower stress levels and thereby assist the cardiovascular system. Taken in conjunction with pharmaceuticals or prescription medication, it can help greatly. The fact that CAM therapies when practiced correctly do not lead to harmful side effects makes them all the more desirable for many.

Source: Health Canal