New Approach To Medicine – A Health Freedom Zone Required

As the new health reform bill creates headline all over the United States, it is important to take stock and see the direction that health care is heading in the country. It is geared wholly towards the drugs-surgery approach which does not address the health issues; but rather is geared toward profit making for pharma companies.

At the same time, there is a dismal disregard for complementary and alternative medicine, which more and more Americans turn towards now and a new and novel solution to the problems is suggested:

complementary and alternative medicineTo counter this, the concept of a Health Freedom Zone was put forward at the Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach California recently.

Whichever geographical zone was demarcated as this zone, would then have alternative medical practitioners such as chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths and other traditional medicine offer their services.

And these would not be only palliative but attempts to actually treat and cure serious diseases and help prevent them by using alternative methods. More importantly, CAM specialists would be permitted to function effectively in this zone which are currently viewed with suspicion or even in some cases outlawed. In this way, more effective and affordable means of health care would be made available to people.

Source: Natural News