The Various Weight Gain Supplements for Men Side Effects

Weight gain supplements are mainly taken by men for two reasons: to gain muscle and to gain body mass. Weight gain pills or supplements are often taken by those individuals who are involved in physical activities or extensive body building.These supplements are also taken by extra thin and lean men so as to gain some body mass.

Any supplement which helps in increasing weight can be available in many forms like pills, capsules, powder form or liquid form. But do you know that such alternatives of gaining weight can have several harmful side effects as well?

If not then you might be interested in reading weight gain supplements for men side effects which have been written down in the following part of the article:

The Various Weight Gain Supplements for Men Side Effects

Kidney Problems

The men who take weight gain supplements on a regular basis may suffer from some or the other kind of a kidney ailment as this is a common side effect of taking these alternatives for gaining weight and mass.

Kidney ailments generally result from taking weight gain powder and this type of powder has an indirect relation with the formation of kidney stones.

Liver Issues

The other major side effect or negative effect of consuming weight supplements is that these supplements may cause liver problems. Liver problems often result from taking inappropriate amounts of weight increasing powders. In fact this health supplement is also found to be fatal if taken along with alcohol.

Muscle Pulls and Cramps

In some cases, men might train in such a manner those results in exhaustion and extreme fatigue. Training in such unrealistic ways accompanied by consumption of weight gain pills can cause cramps and muscle pulls in certain men.

Nausea and Diarrhea

In certain cases, a person who is consuming weight increasing powder may experience nausea as well as diarrhea. This happens when the powder remains insoluble and enters the stomach to form a lump. This might seem like an uncommon side effect but has been found to trouble quite a few men.

Breathing Issues

It often happens that men try and achieve the desired weight in a quick way by consuming improper amount of weight gain supplements and in a non prescribed manner. Thus this inappropriate dosage of these supplements may lead to breathing problems like coughing, asthma and sneezing in men. In fact if a person is suffering from breathing issues, he must definitely avoid taking weight gain supplements.