Foods That Cause Inflammation Skin

Inflammation is generally caused by the ingestion of foods which are high in sugar or acids or trans fats. It is a state of stress and tension caused within the body and manifests itself in the form of rashes, eruptions of the skin, reddening and boils. Foods that cause inflammation skin include things like lobsters, shell fish, prawns, certain kinds of grams and grains, animal fats etc.

Most commercial food products are acidic and inflammatory in nature. Alcohol, though not food per se, is also responsible for causing inflammation and allergic reactions. These examples can vary across food groups and therefore, one needs to understand one’s body and diet very well in order to prevent inflammation skin.

Foods That Cause Inflammation Skin

Common Food Groups That Cause Skin Inflammation

  • Oil products which contain high level of omega-6 fats, can cause imbalance of the body and result in skin eruptions. Omega 6 fatty acids are not harmful, however, when the percentage of these acids are high in the food we ingest, then the balance of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids gets skewed causing skin inflammations.
  • In particular, the poly-unsaturated vegetable oils like Soyabean, sunflower oil and corn oil need to be avoided by those suffering from skin inflammation. This is because it promotes the inflammation further by decreasing blood flow in the affected areas. However, essential oils are natural anti-inflammatory as they contain high proportion of phenol and carvacrol.
  • For most of the people suffering from skin inflammation, it has been found that high carb and low protein diet is the main cause for this skin inflammation.

Some More Examples of Food Which Causes Inflammation of Skin

  • Red meat is also guilty of causing allergic reactions in a lot of people. For example, it has a chemical called Neu5gc which is extremely harmful and has inflammatory effects on the body.
  • Refine sugar or food containing high glycemic values are worst offenders for putting immune system in high alert. This in turn stimulates hormones like Eicosanoids which act as pro-inflammatory.

Thus, foods that cause inflammation of skin are many and you have to be aware of your own medical history as well as the history of allergies in order to avoid the inflammation. Though the skin inflammation is not severe enough to do permanent damage or cause scarring, but it can prove be dangerous if combined with other allergic reactions.