5 Important Feng Shui Tips to Follow For Good Health

Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophical system that aims to harmonize lives with the natural environment in metaphoric expressions like “invisible forces” is now being believed and used widely all across the globe. People have found faith, realism and positive effects by following Feng Shui tips for work, love, life, career and even health.

Many people adopt Feng Shui symbols in their homes to overcome hardships, hindrances and obstacles to a successful, peaceful and healthy life. If you are suffering from health complications for a long tenure, try out Feng Shui that will help you to increase your energy levels and boost up good health. Here are some Feng shui health tips.

feng shui tips to follow for good health

1. Breathe in Fresh Air

Outdoor pollution is a problem in most of the countries and we need to fight it as the first step towards good health. Unless you are dwelling in a truly green environment, you will have to keep a constant check on the quality of the air you are breathing in. According to Feng Shui, air is the topmost factor of good health and it can be purified to some extent by planting air purifying plants like Areca palm, Golden Fern, Money plant, Adanium etc in the home and work places.

2. Natural Light and Vibrant Colours

Two vital nutrients for good health are natural light and the colours around you. This Feng Shui ideology says that the amount of natural light you experience during the day and the vibrant, beautiful colours around you helps your health to nourish and fight germs and illnesses. If your work makes you stay indoors for most of the time, then invest in spectrum lights to boost up the energy levels. Keep soothing and freshening art works in your home or office to feel happy and joyful.

3. Detect the Feng Shui Health Area

Every home has a specific Feng Shui area as detected by the bagua or feng shui energy map. That map specifies the different areas responsible for one’s life. The health of the home owner also depends on the energy status of that area.

Feng Shui states that the center of your home or office is equally important and energy point as the bagua area. You can install the Feng Shui elements at these areas to promote health. Some Wood and Water elements with colours like blue, brown, black and green and statues of Laughing Buddha or bamboo sticks can be effective.

4. Add Spa Energy in your Bathroom

Your well being is also connected to your bathroom; according to Feng Shui bathrooms should be diligently planned and made a clutter free zone. Clean and artful bathrooms should be then incorporated with spa elements as these please your senses, make your personal hours soothing, relaxing and thereby promote good health. Add some air purifying plants, a couple of colourful and perfumed candles, aromatherapy diffuser, and some herbal toiletries.

5. Add Feng Shui Elements in your Bedroom

For good health, it is essential to add Feng Shui to your bedroom where you probably spend a lot of time. Creating positive energy is the prime motto that in turns brings overall well-being and also satisfy intimate relationship.

Bedrooms with Feng Shui is not a difficult task to build on, you just need to follow some steps – like allow maximum natural light in during the day, good ventilation in the room, keep the area under you bed clean and clutter free, closets should be clean, perfumed and well organised. Apart from these, you can add wind chimes near your window that makes you happy with the tinkling sound.

The above mentioned health tips can be followed without any difficulty as these are simple and does not cost you high, but gives only good “health”, which is the real wealth.