Attracting Money in your House using Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an age old method using which people bring happiness, prosperity and love into their lives. Feng Shui experts suggesta large number of techniques and methods not just for the home but also for the office and the overall life as well.

If you are someone who wants to attract money to your house, then Feng Shui offers many ways to bring wealth into your life.  It may not directly bring wealth to you but will give you the required support to seek that fortune and money. The following are some of the ways using which you can bring money in your house using Feng Shui.

attracting money in your house using Feng Shui

  • One of the first tips to use Feng Shui to attract money to your house is to have a Strong Front Door. You can also protect this front door with Feng Shui symbols of abundance, protection and good luck.
  • Another way of Feng Shui using which you can attract wealth to your house is to have clutter free space. If your home and office is free of clutter then it can help you. A cluttered space cannot attract nor keep that energy of wealth.
  • Feng Shui says that it is important to display the Symbols of Feng Shui in your living space or home as these can help display the wealth energy and help you attract some more. For example, a wealth ship can be displayed in the living room.
  • Another amazing Feng Shui way to attract money in your home is to decorate your home with a Feng Shui aquarium. Fish is a symbol which can bring in money into your life.
  • Using fountains in your home is another way according to Feng Shui which can make you wealthy and prosperous. You can not only use Fountains but also images of flowing water such as seas, waterfalls, rivers and lakes etc. Water is a good symbol of wealth and can act as Feng Shui wealth applications.
  • Another way according to Feng Shui which can bring in wealth to your homes is to use Feng Shui wealth crystals. Citrine crystals or pyrite are two of the best Feng Shui crystals or stones which can help attract all the wealth. You can also display the Feng Shui crystals in the form of a Feng Shui gem tree in a money corner in your home or office.
  • Hanging wind chimes or any other mobile hanging object in your house is also a good way according to Feng Shui which can be used to attract money in your house. There are Feng Shui special coins with red ribbons attached that are good symbols of wealth.
  • Adding some plants that have round leaves to your house is yet another method which can be used to bring in wealth. This Feng Shui method also says that the plants with red or purple leaves or flowers can also be a great way.
  • Some best paint areas for wealth are red, green, purple and gold.