Chinese Feng Shui Products To Balance The Energy Of Your Surroundings!

Chinese feng shui is an ancient philosophy of nature. This is a complex body of knowledge that exposes the methods to balance the energies of the surroundings to good health, wealth and good destiny for individuals inhabiting it.

Benefits of Chinese feng shui:

  • Improving health conditions
  • Preventing from accidents
  • Getting married
  • Improving the business in a better way
  • Feeling more secure and safer throughout the life
  • Protecting a couple from divorce
  • Getting a good job or promotion
  • Developing more harmonious family relationships
  • Becoming pregnant or avoiding miscarriages
  • Feeling free from job stress

Here are some Chinese feng shui products which assist in getting the above benefits:

Ruby crystal bracelet:

Crystal braceletThis bracelet acts as a vehicle for attaining and utilizing the talents of your mind. This bracelet encourages your psychic ability.

This clears your mind from thoughts and you will be more magnetized by using this crystal.

All the psychic abilities will be inspired and augmented with the use of these strengthening energies.

Also, this bracelet offers augmentation of the whole energy field of your body. This can be used for diagnostic healing and also for communicating with the spirits.

Brass deer:

Brass deerChinese believe that deer is a symbol of kindness, gracefulness, endurance and also longevity.

Keeping an image of deer in your home can continuously bless you with the auspicious health luck year-round.

Chinese word for luck is a symbol of luk. This is same as the meaning of prosperity and wealth luck.

So, this is considered as a strong symbol for wealth gains and material happiness.

Feng shui coins:

Feng shui coinsFeng shui coins are referred as wonderful prosperity symbols.

When you use them correctly, they can be very powerful in calling upon luck of both heaven and earth.

The square shape in the center of the coin is referred as energy of the earth and the circle symbolizes the chi of heaven.

These coins symbolize prosperity, abundance and good fortune. By keeping the coins along with you, you can protect your existing income and can also increase your income.

According to Chinese feng shui tradition, keeping three coins tied to a thread symbolize prosperity and income protection.

Jade coin pendant:

Jade coinMost of the people believe that this pendant cures their diseases effectively. You can get relief from skin rashes, coughs, colds, etc.

This also acts as a miracle stone of longevity. It is one of the most difficult and beautiful precious stones available.

You can hang this pendant anywhere in your house like bedroom door, kitchen door or anywhere you believe that it brings the most benefit.

You can also place it under your pillow. This allows the healing energies to flow through your system when you sleep.

When you wake up in the morning, you will feel that you are rejuvenated a lot. You can also gift it to any of your close ones who is more prone to sickness.