Siphoning Energy Through Colors The Feng Shui Way

feng shuiColors are an important parcel of our existence. Colors attract planetary radiations.

Colors cause mood swings and colors create the various visual dynamics which add greatly to the living experience.

Chinese esoteric science Feng Shui concentrates on color for binding ‘chi’ or energy for its positive inflow.

Feng Shui suggests that the correct choice of colors can not only create a soothing and a composed environment for living but can also attract prosperity, healthiness and extremely good vibes. Knowing your color components can create a super life for you, according to Feng Shui [Feng shui tips].

While red evokes passion, yellow offers a friendly touch. While white gives tranquility, blue provides vision. Feng shui uses these colors for balancing the Yin and Yang energies that live within you.

Once this balance is stabilized, your composure comes back completely and you are able to decide better, it also heightens emotional intelligence. You can think with a lot more clairvoyance and also make sure that the element of discretion never leaves you.

Your aim is to use the Feng shui colors in a way that they are harnessed best. They will themselves channel the raw ‘chi’ within your home. Color is a form of energy.

Each color emits certain responsive energies in form of vibrations. These impact the room environment. For instance, blue can bring in coolness to the room and red can bring the necessary warmth.

Feng shui strictly believes that each color of VIBGYOR along with the fringes of the spectrum, black and white, have some value and deep meaning. Red stands for passion in feng shui and is a super color for dining space. In fact red is known to soften gastric anomalies.

Yellow brings knowledge and gives the right intellectual push to the brain. Yellow can make a woman mild and a man thoughtful. It’s not recommended for infants. Green is a peaceful color.

Not only does it brings lightness of mind and harmony to individuals but also increase a human’s perspective and broadens his emotional horizon. Great for on the go entrepreneurs says Feng Shui.

Blue stands for spiritual feelings. It gives a great platform for contemplation. Use blue for meditation in combination with white. If you suffer from insomnia, use blue shades. It will have a great effect on you.

Overall, the feng shui importance of colors cannot be undermined. These can bring a change in the quality of life you live.