7 Tips to Use Fengshui in your Bedroom

Feng Shui is a practice that is not only valid for your living room or the entrance of the house but also for your bedroom. A Feng Shui friendly bedroom is one which has a harmonious flow of energy and is exciting and inviting in nature. If you are interested in making your bedroom Feng Shui-friendly, then you can follow the following given 7 tips:

use fengshui in your bedroom1. Eliminate the TV, Computer and Exercise Equipment from the Bedroom

The first tip to make your bedroom Feng Shui friendly is to let go of the computer, TV and the exercise equipment from it. These items destroy the Feng Shui energy and must be eliminated for the harmonious flow.

2. Let in Natural and Pure Air

It is important to open the windows and doors of the room often and let in some fresh oxygenated air. For this, you can also use air purifiers and keep the air clean and fresh.

3. Use Several Levels of Lighting

Feng Shui recommends having many levels of lighting in the bedroom or has adjustable lights which can be dimmed and brightened with a switch. Appropriate lighting is important for the manifestation of energy in the bedroom.

4. Use Soothing Colors

Another tip to make your bedroom Feng Shui friendly is to use soothing colors in it. the right colors are important for energy flow and restorative sleep and hence using lighter tones and colors closer to ‘skin tones’ are recommended by Feng Shui.

5. Choose the Right Images

Feng Shui recommends you to use those images in your room which are positive in nature and represent the types of things that you want to happen to you. Sad and lonely images must be eliminated as they will only make you sad and lonely.

6. Keep all Doors Closed at Night

Another good tip is to keep all the doors of the bedroom closed at night. These could be the closet door, the bedroom door or the balcony door.

7. Follow Basic Guidelines of Feng Shui

Another important thing to make your bedroom aligned with Feng Shui is to follow the basic guidelines. These include that the bed should be easily approachable from both sides, to have two bedsides tables and to avoid having the bed in direct line with the door of the bedroom.

Following all these tips or atleast the most of them will help you create the right energy flow.