Arnica – The Must Have For Your Medicine Cabinet

Arnica is a well known herbal remedy for aches and pains and is most often used for homeopathic formulations. Also known as Arica Montana or Leopard’s Bane, this is a cousin of the sunflower that has been known for its medicinal properties for literally ages.

Arnica is a useful panacea for professional athletes for injuries such as sprains and bruises or for overexertion that may cause pain. Before a big game or after it, arnica is a must for a lot of professional athletes.

arnicaWhile it is possible to buy arnica preparations in a gel form, cream base or as a salve or tincture, it is also possible to grow it at home and use it as a homemade remedy.

Soaking the herb in water and then applying to the skin by way of a poultice is a useful home remedy.

Since arnica has anti inflammatory properties, it is of use not only when applied topically but also when taken internally.

So, if you over did things at the gym, or had an extra long golfing session that is now resulting in aches, pains and bruises, arnica can be used. And by taking it both internally as well as topically, one can ensure that it has the best results.

Source: Globe Democrat