Unknown Benefits of Vitex for Women

Vitex is scientifically called as vitex Segundo, it is a large aromatic shrub with quadrangular, tomatoes branch lets, densely whitish, small, slender tree. The bark is thin gray the leaves are 3-5 foliates, leaflets are lancelet entire or rarely create and the lateral leaflets are smaller than the terminal ones. It is found throughout the greater part of India, ascending to an altitude of 1,500 in the outer Himalayas.

Herbs are one of the best gifts by nature to the mankind because they have various health benefits and treat many health conditions. We use various herbs from many years in order to stay healthy, fit and stay away from various health problems. Vitex is a good herb for women and popular for its various health benefits. Bellow discussed various health benefits of vitex herb for women.

Unknown Benefits of Vitex for Women

  1. Relieves PMS symptoms
    Vitex is believed to work well at reducing PMS symptoms because it suppresses the release of prolactin from the pituitary gland. For PMS, take 400 mg daily before breakfast. Vitex is a traditional herbal medicinal plant which is used to treat many health conditions including premenstrual syndrome, irritability, bloating, mood swings, breast tenderness, and menstrual cramps. This usage is based on traditional use only.
  2. Reduces uterine fibroids
    A key way to prevent and reduce uterine fibroids is to maintain a proper balance of estrogen to progesterone. For fibroids, take 400 mg twice daily.
  3. Clears up acne
    By taking vitex you can balance your hormones, which can reduce acne formation in women. For acne, take 160 mg daily.
  4. Treats Endometriosis
    For endometriosis, vitex is usually taken long term, 12 t 18 months, for maximum effectiveness. For endometriosis, take 400 mg twice daily. Endometriosis is a common ailment in women. The use of vitex tea can help to soothe the pain and symptoms of mild endometriosis. It is also effective home remedy for vaginal infections such as menstrual cramps.
  1. Remedies Amenorrhea
    Vitex supplementation can help modulate prolactin and get a healthy balance of estrogens and progesterone back on track.
  2. May promote lactation
    Supplementation can increase the amount of milk produced by mothers with or without pregnancy complications.
  3. Prevent miscarriage
    Vitex is good to increase progesterone levels in the body. Many miscarriages occur due to low levels of progesterone, if these reasons are due to low progesterone, vitex may help to normalize or if you have very low levels it will increase your progesterone levels. Vitex may be considered safe to use during pregnancy.
  4. Lowers menopause symptoms
    Vitex is often combined with other benefits to treat menopausal symptoms. For menopause take 160-240 mg daily.
  5. Stabilization of menstruation
    Use this wonderful herb and take advice from your health care provider and stop using birth control pills. Vitex taken for several months has been shown to help stabilize the cycle and induce ovulation more quickly.
  6. Corpus Luteum
    Now, we all know that vitex can help to increase the progesterone levels in our body. It can stimulate the formation of the crucial corpus luteum, which is responsible for the secretion of progesterone in our body. A Recent study has proved that women who took vitex, about 85% of them responded positively and improved their progesterone levels in the body.

Some of the other health benefits of vitex for women

  • Nourishes and supports endocrine system, enhances chance of conception
  • Helps with hot flashes
  • Increase prostate levels
  • Increase the levels of luteinizing hormone (LH)
  • Helps with mild endometriosis
  • May help with acne
  • Helps with infertility
  • Relieves blotting
  • Stimulates milk production in new mother
  • It can be taken safely through the end of the third month.
  • Vitex helps to prevent miscarriage
  • Relieves PMS symptoms
  • Helps in amenorrhea
  • Stabilizes menstruation cycle after stopping birth control pills
  • Helps with mood swings
  • Helps with lack of ovulation
  • Stimulates and normalizes the pituitary gland

Vitex is very beneficial herb for women, it is more beneficial only if use it for long period of time. So use this Vitex herb for long period and enjoy the benefits of this wonderful herb. Though using Vitex will take the time to affect your body and make few fundamental changes in the body, but once it starts working, its effect will help your body for a long time! Here is the simple home vitex herbal tea recipe.

  • Measure 1tsp or ¾ oz of fresh or dried vitex berries in a cup and set aside.
  • Boil 8 oz of purified water. Fill the cup containing vitex berries with the boiling water.
  • Allow the berries to steep in the hot water for 10 minutes.
  • Add 1tsp of raw honey or 1.2 Tsp of chopped fresh mint to the tea, stir and drink.
  • Vitex tea has a peppery flavor.
  • Mixing honey and mint can reduce its pungency, drink a cup daily.
  • Always check with your health care provider before going with any of the herbs.