Green Tea Detox: How And For What It Can Work?

greenteaGreen tea has of late been credited with a number of seemingly miraculous cures and treatments, literally from ulcer to cancer!

And when the talk show icon Oprah Winfrey announced to the world, that green tea could help in weight loss, well that seemed to be enough to send everyone into paroxysm at the mention of green tea.

So what is green tea really all about, and how, if at all, can it help with detoxification of the body? One may well be skeptical about the various claims that green tea marketers make, but the following health benefits of green tea are fairly well settled:

Antioxidant properties: Though made from the same actual plant, the method of green tea making is what sets it apart from black and other kinds of tea.

Green tea is the least fermented of all teas and this retains more of its antioxidant polyphenols intact. This also ensures that green tea has the lowest of all caffeine levels found in tea.

For Detox: It is generally accepted that free radicals attacking our body all the time makes it vulnerable to aging and a number of problems. Green tea is known to limit this damage from free radicals and thereby can limit cell damage.

A report published in a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research has gone on to suggest that by using green tea concentrate some people find help with shoring up their metabolic defense against the sort of toxins that cause cancer and in this sense green tea can be seen as helping in detoxification.

One study demonstrated that Green tea cathechins found in green tea concentrate, when taken in prescribed quantities, were able to boost production of certain enzymes, belonging to the glutathione S-transferase (GST) family that aided in this process.

It is these enzymes that are thought to strengthen the body’s defense mechanism that helps protect against environmental toxins that are responsible for causing cancer and the chemicals that increase toxicity in the body.

Those substances that would otherwise cause damage to human DNA and consequently cause cancer are rendered ineffective.

The study published was able to demonstrate that constituents of green tea were able to convert known carcinogens to non-toxic chemicals, and that there exists a correlation between deficient expression of these enzymes and increased risk of developing some cancers. The researchers were therefore able to conclude that chemicals in green tea can increase detoxification enzymes in humans.