Healing Herbs For Boosting Your Immune System And Fighting Against Different Illnesses!

Healing HerbsThe following herbs are the healing herbs which are used for healing your body from physical disorders.

These healing herbs are helpful in boosting your immune system and for fighting against different infections in your body.

One important point you have to keep in your mind is that some of the below mentioned herbs should not be used during pregnancy.

List of healing herbs which are used for different infections:

Aloe Vera:

This healing herb is used for healing external wounds and burns. It is also used internally for intestinal cleaner and healer.


This healing herb is used for stimulating immune system and is used for increasing the activity of white blood cells. This healing herb is used for preventing cold and for treating common bronchial infections.

Burdock root:

This herb is used for strengthening your immune system and for processing anti bacterial, anti inflammatory properties. This herb will help in providing beneficial effects on skin disorders.

Cat’s claw:

This herb will fight or prevent infection and will help in boosting immune system.


This herb will help in cleansing your body by killing bacteria in illnesses (cold). This herb helps you in treating against sore throats and feverishness. This treatment is done by warming and inducing beneficial sweating into your body.

Cranberry berry:

This herb will help you when you are suffering from urinary tract infections. It will help you in preventing harmful bacteria which is present in urinary tract.


This herb is used for you in stimulating immune system and for stimulating antibody production.


You can use this healing herb as the tonic for digestive system. This herb supports anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.


This healing herb is used for treating sore throats and it is also used for loosening and expelling mucus.


This herb is used for reducing of severity of migraines and head aches. This also helps in reducing fevers.


This herb is the best choice for any viral infections such as cold, flu and for many other common infections.

Golden seal root:

This herb is used for killing many diseases causing micro organism (bacteria, fungus and parasites). By killing these organisms your body results in improving your immune system.

Lico rice:

This herb also supports anti viral and anti bacterial properties. So this herb is used for treating viral infections.

You can prevent the diseases caused by deficiency of vitamins. If your body suffers from deficiency of vitamins and anti oxidants, then you can add herbs to your diet, as the herbs contain vitamins in them.

The treatment using healing herbs is natural treatment which does not include any types of chemicals.

So, the treatment taken with the healing herbs will not cause any side effects. These have the capability of fighting against diseases because these herbs consist of phylochemicals.

Phylochemicals are natural chemical chemicals which act as antioxidant and prevent form diseases.