Herbal Meds – Don’t Mix Them With Heart Medications

There is a valuable shift in popular perception towards alternative medication with more and more physicians using them as a principal or supplementary treatment for a number of disorders and treatments.

This brings us closer to natural medication which is free from side effects.

However, the entrenchment of western medicine is not to be underestimated and as such it is important not to mix certain herbal medications with a number of main stream medications. Arshad Jahangir, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Consultant Cardiologist, Mayo Clinic Arizona has opined that poplar herbal meds such as Ginkgo and St John’s Wort and garlic do not make a safe mix with cardiovascular medications.

He expressed concern that since herbal medications are natural people often do not consider their negative repercussion when taking in conjunction with western medications and people often don’t tell their doctors when they are taking herbal supplements. It is advisable that:

  • Health care workers familiarize themselves with the effect of combinations of herbal and conventional medications and
  • Patients disclose to their physicians any and all medication they are on.