Understanding Fever and Herbal Remedies for Fever

For those who loath to pop pills and use chemicals that pharmaceuticals essentially are, herbal remedies for fever make sense to them. In this post we look what is considered to be fever, at how fever is a defense mechanism for the body as well as the natural ways in which to reduce fever.

What is fever?

Before we look at the herbal remedies for fever, let us understand what exactly fever is. In one sense fever is actually a good thing and an indication that the body’s defense mechanisms are working well. An elevated body temperature is the body’s attempt to try and avoid any invading bacteria or infection.

Whereas earlier it was believed that fever should be brought down immediately we now know that fever of below 102 degrees F in adults is not harmful and may actually help in defeating an infection. So suppressing a fever may actually not be good for the body. If the fever is higher or if it is making you uncomfortable and is interfering with work or sleep, then it should of course be treated.

Herbal remedies for fever

It is important to remember that fever is not the disease; but merely the symptom of an infection or disease. So it becomes important to indentify why the fever has occurred. What is the underlying condition that is causing the body to raise its temperature and run a fever? Resolving the underlying condition will automatically take care of the fever.

There are many herbs that act as a natural anti-pyretic or have sweat inducing properties (diaphoretic properties). The sweat helps to cool down the body naturally and the added benefit is that it helps remove toxins from the system as well.

Herbal remedies for fever include rosemary, yarrow, angelica and elderberry among others. These can be taken in the form of infusions. Other herbal remedies that can also help include immune booting herbs such as licorice, vitamin C, goldenseal, chamomile and flavonoid extracts.

Homeopathic remedies can also help naturally and safely reduce fever and these may be particularly helpful to use for children. Children cannot be given aspirin and they can get quickly upset and uncomfortable with a fever.

Sponge baths to reduce the fever can be soothing and can give relief from fever to adults and children alike.

Even when using herbal remedies for fever it is important to remain hydrated. The body loses a lot of fluid in a fever because there is a lot of sweating.