Herbal Treatments To Assist With Stress And Nerve Problems

herbal treatmentMany modern illnesses can be sourced back to a problem with the nervous system.

Stress and anxiety are known to cause a multitude of physical conditions like irritable bowel, stomach ulcers and very commonly heart problems.

In the world of alternative medicine, the strong power of herbalism is held up a beacon that can be used to greatly effect in relieving symptoms brought about by external factors of hectic lifestyles and the worries of the 21st century.

This area of medicine is very holistic and it has been around longer than anything else in the medical filed and can be researched back in the history of nearly every civilization.

Herbal treatments when used by a practicing healer can provide relief by applying itself to the whole of the human body. Often its effects seem to solve problems that more modern medicine could not even dream of.

The link between the nervous system and general health, have been scientifically recognized for quite some time. The brain’s control over the major organs like the heart, lungs and intestine are indisputable.

Physiology tells us that a depressed patient secretes less hydrochloric acid, which has an adverse effect on the body’s ability to digest food.

Alternatively, stress can over stimulate the amount of adrenalin produced, creating acidity, something that needs to be avoided in people with ulcers.

Herbalists are basically using these principles to control the body by the use of a variety of herbs. The real key to this is the true understanding of how the human body actually works.