Home Herbal Remedy To Cope Up With Common Ailments!

Herbal RemedySuffering with common ailments like acne, anxiety, burns, etc?

Then try for some home herbal remedies.

You can find different kinds of herbs depending on the region in which you are living.

Nature provides different herbs for the purpose of healing for every region.

For example, a curry based remedy works in India, whereas a chamomile based remedy in England.

Herbal remedy is often used in conjunction with acupuncture to relieve a wide variety of ailments. If you are not good at growing your own herb, you should buy them from an herbalist until you acquire a lot of practice at growing your own herb.

Herbal remedy can greatly vary in strength due to the temperature and way in which they are grown. In order to get the right strength it is recommended you to use apothecary herbs at first.

Here is a list of common ailments and the herbal remedy that anyone can use:


  • One of the best herbal remedy of acne is to rub a cut clove of garlic on your face after washing it.
  • The next best herbal remedy is to mix 1:20 lavender with witch hazel. Witch hazel is a natural astringent and lavender has healing properties. Tea tree oil is used in place of lavender for male.


Get pure lavender oil and condense it for use on your forehead. Condensing can be done by heating a small amount of oil and soaking piece of cotton cloth in it and then squeezing it out and folding it across your forehead or affected area. When the compress gets cooled, repeat the process until you feel better.


They can be relieved by using a herbal remedy of hyssop leaves and flowers and boiling them into a tincture. Extract the liquid from the leaves and flowers and immerse a strip of cotton in it to make a compress and then press the cotton over the bruise.

This is slightly uncomfortable for you, but the mixture of hyssop and heat as well as pressure will help in moving the blood again, hence lessening the bruise.

Minor burns:

You may already hear that comfrey is used as a poultice for burns. Instead of this you can also use pure aloe juice as herbal remedy. Simply massage with aloe juice onto the affected area and keep it clean and dry, except for the aloe.

You can also make a herbal remedy from comfrey. By crushing the stems and flowers into a fine powder and mixing it with two ounces of beeswax which has to be melted in a double boiler.

Add one cup vegetable oil and a little water. Boil this mixture for twenty minutes and add a drop of benzoic as a preservative. Extract with a cheese cloth into clean jars.


The most ancient herbal remedy is placing a piece of garlic under a bandage and directly on top of warts. It also works well, because the garlic is so acidic that it exactly eats away the wart. Garlic smell remains there so by applying dandelion juice several times a day it can be removed.