10 Interesting Facts about Herbal Medicine

A lot of people these days have started trying and using herbal medicine rather the over the counter medicine products for curing a number of problems, diseases and ailments. The concept of herbal medicine goes back to centuries but it is only now that the world has truly embraced the many benefits of this form of naturally occurring medicine.

The fact that herbal medicine doesn’t have as many side effects as allopathic medicine is also a contributing point to this observation. There are many other such interesting facts about naturally occurring herbal medicine and to know more about them, you can go through the following given information.

facts about herbal medicine

  • The word Drug that we so commonly use to refer to medicines these days actually comes from a Dutch word ‘Droog’ which means ‘Dry’ or ‘To dry’. This fact reveals that ancient healers used to dry herbs and plants so that they could be used as medicines.
  • Modern day medicine is actually very different from the ancient concepts and understanding of medicine. This is clear from the fact that the first medical schools were based on the use of herbs and plants as medicines.
  • Another interesting fact related to herbal medicine is that one out of the three medicines prescribed in Germany is a naturally occurring herb.
  • Another fact which is related to herbal medicines is that a whopping 7000 compounds used in modern day medicine have been derived from plants and herbs.
  • Herbs are trophorestorative and this means that they work on the deepest levels to bring about healing and also bring about vitality. Through scientific research, it has been found that plants bring about benefits to us by transferring genetic information to our bodies. This in a true sense means ‘deep healing’.
  • It is a fact that in today’s date and time, over half of all the medical schools are now offering courses on alternative medicine. These courses are basically those forms of medicine or healing that include the study of plants as medicine.
  • It is interesting to note that after Black Death, toxic chemical substances replaced the use of herbs and plants as medicinal products. Some toxic materials that were thus incorporated were arsenic, mercury and lead etc. As science and chemistry kept evolving through the ages and decades, the allopathic system of medicine was fully incorporated and the use of herbs and plants was almost forgotten.
  • One more interesting fact is that the World Health Organization or WHO estimates that 80% of the population of the world is now using Herbal Remedies.
  • In the US in today’s time, about one third of all the adults have tried herbal treatment or medicines atleast once in their lifetime. This has thus created a multibillion dollar market in the country.
  • It is a fact that one must try out herbal medicines and treatments only after doctor’s consultation and advice. Even simple therapies like cranberry extract may first need a nod from the doctor to be taken.

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