Thai Herbal Compresses Healing Facts

Thai herbal compresses are known across South-East Asia as a hundred-years old natural treatment  applied in massage salons and SPAs. As simple as it is its name, Thai herbal compresses can heal and relieve pain in a large number of chronic and acute health conditions and they are used on a large scale to help people relax, clear their skin and achieve a state of well-being.

Thai Herbal Compresses Healing Facts

Oldies but Goldies

The tradition of herbal compresses is an old one in Thailand and written records from the 14th century talk about the treatment applied to Siamese soldiers returning home. They needed to overcome both physical and mental harm done by the war horrors. Therapists used freshly-made steamed compresses to cure the soldiers the old fashioned way.

Custom-Made Compresses

Herbalists and healers make unique herbal mixes based on the patient’s condition. There are herbs used in all compresses, also known as the basic traditional recipe. It includes a mix of lemongrass, eucalyptus, ginger and camphor. To this basic mix the therapist adds a number of other freshly-picked herbs, based on the patient’s need and the local market offer. In Europe and America there is no possible way to freshly-pick exotic herbs which are found in South Asia, so one must adjust the mix accordingly.

The only criteria in this matter is to research the herb’s benefits and match them to the condition to be relieved.

Steaming Process and Actual Application

Compresses must be steamed before use, but must not touch the boiling water or be dipped in it. If you drop a compress in boiling water, it can no longer be used; the healing properties of the herbs will fade away, leaving the hot cloth behind.

The alternative herbal compresses treatment must not be used on open wounds or 24 hours after swelling, bleeding or inflammation occurred as this will aggravate the condition.

What can be cured with Compresses ?

The herbal compresses act by opening-up the pores and transfer the curing herbal properties to the skin and muscles.  As this remedy is related to energetic lines in the body compresses will alienate joint pains, speed healing of scars, relax the body and help the patient enter a state of fulfillment, in other words, a kind of inner peace.

The vapors of the compresses will unclog lungs and the sinuses, thus providing better breathing.

Thai herbal compresses must be seen as a complete package of remedies that tends to your body but also looks after your mental state helping you regain the natural balance of the heart, soul and mind.