Treating Bruises With Arnica

arnicaWhile bruises in and of themselves are not generally harmful, most of us would be happy to have them heal as quickly as possible.

One alternative remedy you can use for the treatment of bruises is arnica gel or arnica cream.

Arnica gel and cream are homeopathic products that contain the herb Arnica Montana, also known as leopard’s bane and wolf‘s bane.

When applied as directed, topical arnica gel or cream can help relieve the pain and soreness of bruises as well as speed their healing.

This is especially helpful in the case of painful bruises, such as those which occur after receiving injections or intravenous medication.

Arnica gel can help relieve muscle soreness in children after receiving immunizations.

Arnica gel or cream can also be used to treat sore or stiff muscles. Many athletes use arnica products to help reduce muscle soreness and stiffness which occurs after exercise.

Some people also use arnica gel or cream on skin irritations and small wounds to prevent infection.

While there are homeopathic arnica tablets designed to be taken internally, the topical arnica products should not be used internally. Arnica should not be used by pregnant women as it may cause uterine contractions. Do not use topical arnica cream or gel in the eyes or on the mucous membranes.