Uses and Benefits of Linden

Linden belongs to the genus Tilia and consists of a variety of trees whose extracts, flowers and leaves are used for various purposes. They are used both for decorative and health purposes and there uses have been there since centuries. Lime and basswood are the two other names that are often used to denote the trees under the Tilia genus. Linden flower is what is primarily used and these yellow flowers are first dried and then brewed to make tea that has many medicinal properties.

uses and benefits of linden

What makes Linden Good for your Health?

Linden flowers are a great source of phytochemicals. Many amongst them are antioxidants or flavonoids. Antioxidants keep your body safe from free radicals and also help in detoxification. Linden also contains p-coumaric acid and kaempferol, which are diaphoretic in nature meaning they cause you to sweat. Linden also contains certain oils that have calming properties.

Benefits of Linden

Some of the known benefits of linden are:

Cold and Flu

It has already been mentioned that linden causes you to sweat. This property of linden helps in curing cold and congestion and the other symptoms of flu and fever. It gets rid of coughing and also soothes sore throat. It also helps get rid of infections and work as a great immune booster.

Eliminates Anxiety

It has been proved that the extracts from linden flower can help get rid of anxiety and mental stress. In fact, this is one of the most common reason as why linden is used. If you are stress out or if you worry too much, one cup of linden tea daily would make you feel calm and relaxed.


You can also use Linden tea to reduce any kind of inflammations in your body. Whether it is tension headache, gout or arthritis, you will feel better after having a cup of linden tea. It also helps reduce inflammation in blood vessels and in respiratory tract.


Sweating is your body’s way of getting rid of toxins along with fats, excess salts, and water. Linden contains coumaric acid that induces sweating, thereby, helping to eliminate toxins from your system.

Eliminates Free Radicals

Presence of free radicals in your system increase the risk of cancer. Linden is enriched with antioxidants, which we know, help in neutralization of free radical. Kaempferol and quercetin serve as radical scavengers and eliminates free radicals from your system. This also ensures that your skin stays protected from the harmful rays of the sun.


You can say goodbye to many of your stomach problems with linden. From constipation and bloating to ingestion and cramping, few sips of linden tea would make you feel better instantly. The composition of linden is such that is keeps your gastrointestinal system healthy.

These are some of the benefits of linden. Linden tea is easy to make and you will get dried linden flowers in your nearest health store. Linden is considered safe, however, if you have health issue or you are pregnant; consult a health expert before drinking linden tea.