Why Treat Menstrual Pain with Viburnum

In case you know a little about alternative medicine, for sure you are aware of the fact that viburnum is a plant often used in herbal medicine. It is known as cramp bark as well. In fact you will find it in the form of viburnum bark extract and you can use it as a dietary supplement. Besides this, the berries of viburnum can be eaten as food.

Why Treat Menstrual Pain with Viburnum


It is a known fact that viburnum comes with several compounds that are good for your health such as ellagic acid. The berries of the plant are rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin C. According to some of the studies done in the field, the compounds of viburnum can reduce muscle tension and can suppress muscle spasms.

Lack of Information

Although it may seem like viburnum can be used in case of conditions leading to muscle tension, the truth is that the lack of recent studies makes its abilities more questionable. However, many people believe that the berry of viburnum can do a lot of good for your health. For example, one of the preliminary studies has found that the juice of the berry could improve colon cancer.

Practical Studies

Even though these kinds of plants aren’t part of traditional medicine, some of the doctors do recommend it in case of women who experience serious pain during their menstruation as part of PMS. These doctors claim that the herb has helped women in each and every case.

Unproven Remedy

In order to express their trust, a lot of doctors say that viburnum is a marvelous plant. They also add that they will continue recommending it to their patients even if its effects aren’t scientifically proven; they trust the result that hundreds of women have achieved.

No Side Effects

One of the best things about alternative medicine is that there are seldom any side effects. This is also the case of viburnum. According to the observations of the doctors, none of the patients experience any negative side effects; they were all pleased to be rid of the annoying and painful muscle cramps.


Since this is a potent supplement, the doctors have to make sure that they suggest women not to use high concentrations. This is because in this case the effects may turn out to be permanent. In fact the herb can be considered a natural painkiller that needs to be used in moderation.