Worried With Acne? Try Herbal Acne Treatments!

Herbal Acne TreatmentsDo you like your skin to be dull and covered with pimples? No one likes this right!

Due to this reason, acne treatments are so popular and the products relating with acne treatment are also flourishing.

Still there is dissatisfaction in the treatment and products, as they give side effects such as skin damaging and loss of skin sensitivity.

So, if you are fed up with these problems, herbal acne treatment is the answer to the dissatisfaction and discomforts of acne.

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when oil secreting glands (which avoid the skin from being dry) and skin pores (which let the skin breathe) are clogged hence becoming inflammable and infected. There is also a genetic reason behind acne (if any of your parents is prone to acne in their teenage, there is a chance that you are also prone to acne).

Hormones (especially androgens) when over active stimulates oil secretion glands resulting in clogging the pores. When the blood is not pure (if toxins are present) the reflection is seen on the face as acne.

What are herbal acne treatments?

Herbal acne treatment products are made from natural products and elements which not only cure acne but also give a healthy push to the skin to improve the complexion.

Neem (Azadirachta indica):: One of the most important ingredient in the ayurvedic, it is very useful in purifying and detoxifying the blood. Neem is the main ingredient in the products, which are used for a healthy skin.

Neem is also used as an external product in applying to the skin or pimples, which can cure the infection and inflammation near to the acne.

There are plenty of scientific backups which prove that neem has an “immunity enhancement property” and acts as a booster in fighting against diseases. It boosts up the lymphocytes (which fight against foreign bodies and diseases and stops them attacking the body) and supports the body immunity system.

Green tea: Washing acne with this tea will reduce inflammations and aides in detoxification. If taken orally, it clears up the hormonal activities which are responsible in acne problems.

If you are taking green tea as herbal acne treatment, make sure that you do not add sugar or any other sweeteners to the tea. Many herbal acne treatment products contain green tea as their main ingredient.

Tea tree oil: It is an extraction from Melaleuca tree. It is an aggressive antibacterial, antibiotic and anti fungal oil. Treating the acne with tea tree oil will cut down the effect of inflammation and infections.

Note: You should spot test this before starting the use of tea tree oil. It may produce an allergic reaction to certain skin types, if used as an herbal acne treatment.

Acne is extremely hurtful and displeasing. Make sure that what ever herbal acne treatment you are using can be any syrup made from herbal products or any cream or gel based on herbal products.

It should be made by natural or exactly nature’s products. Side effects will be less with natural products, but if the herb is not suited, you may continue with the problem of acne.