3 Major Types Of Holistic Healing

Millions of people go through different types of medical procedures to help cure their physical and emotional illnesses. Although it is true that there are multiple ways to address the needs for different ailments, there are quite a few who undergo treatments from holistic healing.

The term holistic means that an individual’s health is based on the concept of “ones self” which comprises of his physical, spiritual, and mental well being to come up with cures and resistance to sicknesses.

holistic healingHolistic healing practitioners believe that the inner self is highly capable of combating illnesses from further stimulating the body to act upon irregularities whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual in nature.

It is no surprise that people all over the world see this as a natural healing process in comparison to conventional healing procedures available.

Holistic healing has been a part of human society for as long as at least 3000 years ago. It is believed to have been practiced by the ancient Chinese and Indians to help cure illnesses by stimulating the inner self with the help of other natural sources.

They believed that holistic healing is a natural way of healing that focuses more on the body itself, and not segregated to its different part in general. Holistic healing is further applied to today’s customs while more people flock to its healing capabilities that also promote harmony not only in the physical form, but also in accordance with mental and spiritual factors of oneself.

Today, there are numerous health centers that promote holistic healing to all those who are interested. The most common of the holistic healing processes are those that involve the physical aspect of a person’s body. Here are some holistic healing treatments people uses today:

1. Holistic Massage

Practitioners believe that holistic massage allows the body to excrete unwanted toxins in the body. The toxins that are released from the body promote stress that, not only affect the physical body, but also the spiritual and mental aspect.

This holistic healing is administered by full body massages with the use of natural extracts from plants and herbs. Aromatic scents and oils are also used in the process to further enhance the body’s senses.

2. Holistic Acupuncture

This holistic healing process was first practiced by the ancient Chinese. They believe that there are millions of energy lines that are associated with the different organs and systems in our body.

They believe that healing can be done if the acupuncture points can be stimulated by using acupuncture needles that will help stimulate these energy lines connected to the organs to help stimulate healing.

3. Yoga therapy

This is a holistic healing practice, first originated in India, which involves physical breathing exercising and stretching, which in turn helps the mental and spiritual aspect of an individual. It promotes a relaxing state of mind that helps reduce stress and body tensions.

Truly, our body’s physical, mental, and emotional aspects should not be left unnoticed. In general, they are all inter-related to one another and cannot be separated from each other; to do so would lower the chances of our body to fight and prevent diseases from coming our way. Inquiring about holistic healing is the first step; the rest that follows would entail personal discipline and responsibility.