Everything you Need to Know About Psychic Cleansing

Every person has an energy field around them and this field is known as their aura.  An aura is basically a force field and is a kind of a bubble which protects us from external forces.  Besides some other factors, our thoughts and emotions can also affect our aura in multiple ways.

Due to negative thoughts, our energy field or aura tends to become negative and gives out negative vibes to others.  Many emotional and physical experiences also tend to shape our aura and can make it negative or positive.  Though there are many ways to clean the negative aura but the best amongst all is to go for psychic cleansing.

know about psychic cleansing

Psychic cleansing is a process of healing or cleaning the negative vibrations or energy from around us and starting from a clean psychic state.  There are many different processes which are a part of psychic cleansing and some of them include psychic baths and psychic concentration etc.  Often, psychic cleansing is also termed as spiritual cleansing and includes taking help of certain ingredients and tools. The following are some steps in which psychic cleansing can be done:

  • Choose a room in which you would like to do the procedure and clean it properly.
  • Light a sage smudge stick in the room and let it circulate throughout the room.
  • Lie down on a mat on the ground and connect with the ground or the earth. This helps you to come in a more focused and centered state of mind.  Breathe slowly and deeply and try to feel relaxed. Make sure you are comfortable so that you can concentrate on your breathing without any distractions.
  • Now try to wipe out any negative emotions, thoughts and feelings that you may have. For this it is first important to identify the negative things in your life and the negative thoughts that you have.  Feel the negativity leaving your body and your aura and positivity entering the energy field around you.  This is the step when you are restoring your soul to the fullest and the best form.  Try to establish a link between the energy of the ground with the divine energy of your own soul and spirit. This method will raise your energy and bring it to the highest state.
  • Shake your head to eliminate any last negative thoughts from your body.

In-Shower Cleanse

To perform an in-shower cleanse or psychic bath, you can follow the given steps:

  • Stand in the shower and take a few deep and slow breaths through the nose before the water is turned on. This will help you to focus on your breathing and calming your body.
  • Now turn the shower on and say a little prayer which asks god to bless you with positive energy.
  • Now allow the water to flow over each part of your body and consider it to wash away each shred of negative emotion or feeling from each cell of your body and spreading positivity in you.