Holistic Approach to Depression Treatment

Depression is a state when a person tends to feel low and sad. This state of mind might make an individual feel anxious, worried, helpless, guilty, hurt or even restless. A depressed person might lose interest in regular daily activities and in some severe cases; he/she might lose appetite and have problems in making decisions and remembering certain details etc. Depression may not necessarily be a psychiatric disorder but may even be a reaction of a person to an event or an occurrence in life.

Holistic Approach to Depression

Treating depression may be slightly tricky as many of the medications fail to combat the feeling of sadness and worthlessness. But there is a holistic approach to depression treatment as well which can be considered if you are suffering from this problem.

A holistic approach to treating depression basically focuses on treating not only the mind but also the body. This can be done by following some of the following given tips and suggestions:

  • It is important to eat a healthy diet when a person is going through a period of depression. Apart from a healthy diet consisting of many vegetables and fruits, one must also drink a lot of water to combat this problem. Some other foods which must be included in the diet of a person who is going through depression are whole grains, fish, lean meat and beans etc.
  • It is also important for a person suffering from depression to engage in regular physical activities such as exercising and walking etc. This rejuvenates the mind and the body and shifts the negative energy. It is advisable for a depressed person to take the stairs rather than the elevator and do normal day to day activities at home which include physical labor.
  • If you use the talk therapy along with the normal conventional medicines to treat depression, then you are surely in for a speedy recovery. Talk therapy helps a person speak out his mind and clear his thinking. It will help him/her to vent out the negative thoughts and make way for the positive ones.
  • Another way to treat depression is to keep taking the medication and following the above said methods as long as you are not completely out of the low phase. These methods might take a long time to show results and hence one should not lose hope and keep going strong. The doctor must be updated about the improvements regularly.