Holistic Therapies For Spotless Face In No Time

The most common cause of worry in women is the presence of the annoying red spots on their faces, also known as acne. There are many options for treatment, but when it concerns the face which is considered as the most sensitive region of the body, it is a must to stick with natural remedies to prevent any adverse side-effect.

The good news is that the internet houses a pile of holistic therapies which you can use after consulting the advice of a doctor. To be safe, remember not to do any move unless you’ve consulted a professional first.

Acne Explained

Before we jump into some possible holistic therapy that you can use for your acne, it is a must to know what the condition of acne is all about. Basically, this is an inflammation which takes place on the surface of the skin of humans.

Normally it appears during the teenage years—which is why adolescent stage is known as the Pimple Phase. An estimate of 90% of the young populations is bound to suffer from this condition.

The Causes of Acne

To properly use a particular holistic therapy for acne, the causes of the problem should be discussed first. Well, science proves that the increase in production of the Testosterone hormone during the teenage years is culprit why more and more people suffer from acne.

The Acne Home Remedies

In the market, there are several options for holistic therapies which are actually good news for people to find the method that will work on their unique skin condition the best. Now, some of the most common options for holistic therapies will be discussed below so you can have a spotlessly clear face in no time:

Tea Tree Oil

This very strong oil is obtained from Melaleuca alternifoliais tree normally found in Australia. It comes in bacteria-fighting substances known as     Terpenes which can outright kill them the bacteria present on acne.  This is one of the most renowned holistic therapies due to the fact that there are very little side effects observed from its use.

Aloe Vera

Thank your mom for planting aloe vera plant in your garden because the watery gel from this plant is highly effective in treating Acne problems. The gel further contains anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties thus making this a good option for your holistic therapy in curing acne. A person has the choice whether to take the gel internally or to use it topically on the spot.

Zinc, Vitamins A and E

Zinc is famed for its ability of strengthening the human immune system and this is very much helpful in repairing the skin. On the other hand,         Vitamin A is a well known acne cure while Vitamin E contains natural antioxidant which is beneficial for the skin.


The most practical way, which is used for acne home remedies, is to drink plenty of water each day. This will help clear out the skin from impurities. Also include fresh and green leafy vegetables in your diet to get a marked improvement in your skin.