Is There A Way To Enter Into The World Of Holistic Health? If So, in What Way?

Holistic HealthHolistic health is a broad subject, usually referred to as practices and applications that are not taught by conventional or western medical schools as treatment for illness.

This practice is not covered by health insurance.

If you are interested to become an holistic health provider then the practice is mainly divided into seven major categories.

The seven major categories include:

  • Bioelectromagnetic application such as diet, lifestyle changes, magnetic therapy, and nutrition
  • Herbal medicine
  • Manual healing
  • Biological treatments

Holistic health is a holistic treatment which means that it treats your body holistically including body, mind and spirit. It is highly based on preventative practices. Only 30 percent of the people in the world use western or modern medicine and the remaining 70 percent use holistic health cures.

Most of the American doctors are beginning to see the benefits of the holistic forms of therapy and most of them are beginning to add some form of holistic health medicine to their practice.

Conventional doctors are suggesting their patients for massage therapy, surgeons are referring to chiropractors. Hence the two terms conventional and holistic are beginning to blur.

Most of the holistic medicines are being used along with the therapies of holistic health or traditional therapies. If the alternative medicine is used in conjunction with conventional methods of treatment rather than as an alternative then most of you will accept it.

The practitioners of holistic health are trained by recognized schools and practice in established locations. You must meet all the entry requirements of the holistic medicine schools and maintain excellent skills to become qualified.

Each health care system has its own qualifications and includes acupuncture, anthroposophy, ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, and traditional oriental medicine.

Each system has its own theory of illness, an education plan to teach theory and practice, a support system and a legal and ethical committee to answer to.

Now homeopathy medicines become popular throughout the world. Practitioners of homeopathy medicine are also certified as acupuncturist and are regulated by the food and drug administration.

This type of holistic health providers can cure acute and chronic diseases and into preventative therapies and promoting good health in order to prevent sickness. This alternative treatment is able to combine modern medicine with natural and herbal care.

Native American holistic health medicine involves much sweating and expelling toxins which cause imbalance and disease. This is achieved by the use of herbs, teas, and lot of heat. Ceremonial dances and chants add to the mystical properties of the healing.

Some of you are interested in working in the bioelectromagnetic field of holistic health. Working with magnets is growing in popularity. This is because most of you discover the benefits of wearing magnetic insoles in their shoes and sleeping on magnetically charged mattress pads.

There are huge benefits with this type of holistic health treatment such as magnets will increase the blood flow and bring about circulatory health which in turn lessens back pain and headaches.

Once you decided to enter into the field of holistic health, you can take help from your health care provider and he will give you advice as to how to proceed.