Can Homeopathy Help Treat Swine Flu?

homeopathyWith all the media attention being paid to swine flu, you may be wondering if there are homeopathic remedies that can help.

The good news is that there are several that may help.

During the flu pandemic of 1918, homeopathy was used to treat people who had the flu.

Among people who used homeopathic remedies, the mortality rate was about 1 percent.

Among people who used more traditional allopathic remedies, the mortality rate was about 28 percent. Gelsemium was the remedy most used at the time.

While allopathic medication is different today, particularly when it comes to antiviral medications, homeopathic remedies for the flu remain popular.

Gelsemium is an appropriate remedy for patients who have the flu and are experiencing intense muscle aches and soreness. These patients are usually also experiencing a fever and chills, although a higher fever usually responds well to the remedy Aconite. Patients who feel drowsy and dizzy may also respond well to Gelsemium.

Other remedies to investigate if you are considering homeopathic remedies for treating the flu include Aconite, Arsenicum album (helps with early respiratory symptoms), Baptisia (helps with diarrhea), Eupatorium perf. (helps with severe coughing), and Ipecac (helps with nausea).

If you are considering treating any condition with homeopathic remedies, consult a trained homeopath for best results.