Do You Think Homeopathy Is Effective? Here Are Some Criticisms About Homeopathic Remedy!

HomeopathyWant to get safe, cheap, and effective medications to get relief from your illness?

Then homeopathy is the best option for you. It is safe and effective.

Homeopathy is a word that represents an alternative treatment and is generated from Greek words.

Homeopathic treatment helps to stimulate the vital force in your body in order to restore and balance your health.

Homeopathy is a holistic alternative medical treatment, in that it encompasses the whole body and not just the symptoms of the disease.

Now homeopathy offers most modern and sophisticated outlook to health, disease, and the treatment. Homeopathic remedies are made by diluting natural substances that come from mineral, plant or animal in a series of prescribed steps.

The medicine created from these substances will trigger with your body’s natural immune system to fight with disease.

Homeopathy works on the basis of three principles.

The first is like cures like – For instance, if the symptoms of arthritis are same as poisoning to mercury, then mercury would be your homeopathic remedy.

The second principle is minimal dose – The remedy is taken in very dilute form.

The third principle is the single remedy – You have to take only one remedy for any number of symptoms. This remedy will work for all those symptoms.

Benefits of homeopathy:

  • The uses of homeopathy range from simple first aid to cases of acute illness. It helps by slowing the progress of the disease.
  • Parasites are best treated by homeopathy and also help you to regain your strength after they have been removed.
  • Homeopathy is effective and it helps to treat ailments, acute and chronic pain.
  • There are no side effects and it has never been proven to be toxic to the body.
  • Homeopathy is safe and you can use them without any dangerous physical repercussions.
  • These remedies are much less expensive than drugs.
  • You can easily use these medications.
  • Homeopathy is a gentle system of healing.
  • Homeopathic remedies have been used to treat some diseases like cholera, smallpox, scarlet fever and syphilis.
  • The remedies can helps to detoxify against both internal and external toxins.

Beyond these benefits, many studies have confirmed that homeopathic remedies were no more effective than placebo.

Criticisms of homeopathy:

You may encounter some types of illness with the use of homeopathic remedies. Some of the risks associated with homeopathic remedies:

  • You may feel worse for some time after beginning to take a homeopathic remedy. This is considered as the normal response of your body as it attempts to restore the health.
  • Liquid remedies contain higher levels of alcohol.
  • Homeopathic remedies contain minute amounts of active ingredients. Due to this you may get a question of how this could be effective.
  • The substances in ultra high dilutions have not shown any beneficial effects.