Homeopathy Funding Comes Under Fire From British Doctors

British doctors have called upon the National Health Service or NHS to stop their funding to homeopathic remedies and have also said that homeopathic formulations should not be marketed as medicines in pharmacies.

It is the charge that homeopathy’s highly diluted remedies are “nonsense”; doctors also criticize this form of alternative treatment alleging that it causes people to shun conventional medications.

homepathic medicineDoctors are agitating against the expenditure of 4 million pounds a year on homeopathic treatment which they claim has only a placebo effect.

In defense of the treatment however, one doctor questioned the concept of “scientific evidence” and that it was not fair to single out homeopathy.

The Society of Homeopaths also claim that the remedies work and that public money spent on it was in fact very low; just 0.001% of the drugs budget.

Now why would mainstream doctors protest? If someone finds benefit, even by way of a placebo effect, surely no one is being harmed here. After all, there is no one who can argue against the fact that homeopathy is devoid of harmful side effects.