Effective Homeopathy Remedies for Shingles

Shingles, popularly known as Herpes zoster is a painful viral infection which is followed by blistering rash that generally appears on one side of the body. Though it usually affects adults but the younger people can also be affected by this infection. Shingles carries the chicken pox virus. Usually when a child recovers from chicken pox, the virus in the nerve roots may remain inactive for years.

After several years it can get active due to various reasons like emotional or physical stress and it then takes the form of shingle. Although it is extremely painful but most of the people tend to recover from it without critical complications. It first appears as painful eruptions with a spotty red patch on the skin which after a certain period of time turns into cluster of blisters. It usually takes twenty days to heal.

homeopathy remedies for shingles

Homeopathy and Shingles 

Compare to anti-viral medicines, homeopathy has proved more effective for shingles and chicken pox. It offers rapid and successful approach in treating this infection. People with weak immune system are more prone to get shingles. Homeopathy medicines influence the immune system efficiently from within and improve body’s healing capacity. The homeopathy medicines are also capable of defusing pain, discomfort in body due to shingle. It also refrain shingles from spreading.

Here are few homeopathy medicines that can help o treat shingles:

Ranunculus Bulbosus

This medicine is considered to be the most effective one for the treatment of shingles. It offers relief if the patient suffers tremendous itching followed by nerve pain.

Rhus Toxicodendron (Rhus tox)

This medicine relieves patients from severe itching and pain. In this case warm compress and hot bath also bring momentary relief. In this situation patient generally feels restless and changes positions for temporary relief.

Iris Versicolor

This medicine is offered to the patients when the rash takes bad shape beneath the right arm and on the right hand side of the abdomen. Shingles are followed by problems in pancreas and abdominal upset.

Arsenicum Album

This medicine is given to patients who experience severe burning pain in the nerve pathway. Patient may feel better by applying warm compress along with the medicine. In this situation patient may feel restless, thirsty, and anxious.

Clematis Erectus

This medicine offers relief to the patients who suffers severe burning sensation and whose red blisters aggravated during night time. The urinary tract may be affected.

Apis Mellifica

This medicine is prescribed to those patients who are suffering from stinging pain and there rashes are itchy, swollen and bright pink in colour. In this situation cool compress brings a temporary relief but application of warm compress may aggravate the pain.


This medicine is prescribed mainly when the patient is suffering from severe pain accompanied by itches and skin burns. Neuralgic pain that shoots up to the elderly people can be cured with this medicine.


This medicine is given to the patients whose left hand side of the body is affected.

Keep in mind that the doses should be taken as per doctor’s instructions. If you are taking any other medicine simultaneously with homeopathy there is lesser chances of reaction. You must take medicines in clean mouth and maintain a clean mouth for half an hour after as well.