Talking In Homeopathy Helps, Says Research

New research has suggested that it is the talking that takes place in homeopathic treatment that works to benefit the patient, rather than the actual medications that are given.

homeopathyAccording to this theory, it doesn’t matter whether it is actual medication or placebo that is administered.

The research, published by The Journal of Rheumatology, compared different groups of patients receiving mainstream medications for rheumatism, and reported that “significant clinical benefits” resulted from five consultations that the patients had with homeopathic practitioners.

Benefits such as reductions in pain, inflammation and other key markers were noted.

It did not seem to matter whether the patients were receiving a placebo or whether they were given the actual homeopathic preparation.

When people were offered the same homeopathic medication – but without the consultations with the doctor – they did not appear to have the same significant clinical benefits.

It was therefore suggested by the researchers involved in the study, that it was the talking and listening to the patients that had the beneficial effect on their rheumatism symptoms.