What is Isopathy and How Does it Work?

Homeopathy is a well known branch of alternative medicine based on using very diluted preparations to cure individuals of their health problems, which bases itself on the law of similar as propounded by German physician Samuel Hahnemann.

One of the offshoots of homeopathy is Isopathy; a lesser known discipline formulated by Johann Joseph Wilhelm Lux in the 1830s.

IsopathyIsopathy uses formulations known as Nosodes – these are remedies made up of things that cause the disease (rather similar in principle to homeopathy) or they are made up of products of the disease (pus and so on).

The same thing that either causes or comes from the disease is administered to the patient in an attenuated form.

Isopathy bases itself on the understanding that toxins are capable of curing and may use gases, viruses, bacteria and other chemical substances to bring about a cure. Homeopathic vaccines are thought to be a part of Isopathy.

While homeopathy uses remedies that are foreign to the patient, Isopathy creates remedies sourced from the patient which consists of the disease itself, either in whole or in part.

While this may sound strange it is the same principle that mainstream vaccines also base themselves – vaccines contain weak strains of the infection to stimulate an immune response from the body and to help produce antibodies in the body to fight a possible infection later.

In Isopathy, the source of the infection or its product is altered in such a way that it will not cause harm to the person – so while the cure is not exactly the same as the disease, it is similar.

What is holistic Isopathy?

The aim of Isopathy is to match the remedy to the patient not just approximately but exactly, by making use of the energetic field of the patient. According to a claim made by a student of Sigmund Freud called Wilhelm Reich, himself a physician and psychoanalyst there exists such energy in all of us; what he termed as Orgone Energy.

Reich developed something called the Orgone Energy Accumulator that both measures and intensifies this Orgone energy or the aura that surrounds each person. In the 1940’s Reich treated cancer patients to a treatment based on Orgone energy using the Accumulator and perceivable improvements were seen as a result.

How does Isopathy work?

The principles of Isopathy that using like to eradicate like is not new and is common to the principles of administering vaccines. In fact the concept of administering antidotes to resolve problems is an age old one.

However Isopathy is different not only in that it’s nascence is recent; but also in that the materials of cure are sourced from natural sources. Minerals, animals and plants are the source of Isopathic medications.

There is of course much scientific criticism offered in respect of this kind of medication because its efficacy is disputed by clinicians. However it is also true that Isopathy is gaining more and more recognition these days; particularly when people have exhausted other conventional options and have found that they do not work.

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