How to Get Glowing Skin with Herbal Products

Glowing skin is something which most women obsess about.  Our craziness for getting spotless and glowing skin is so much that we tend to spend a large amount every month on skincare products. But are all these products really that effective? Well, most of the over the counter products are laced with chemicals which may provide temporary benefit but can affect your skin negatively in the long run.

Glowing skin is an indication of it being healthy and for truly getting healthy skin, one needs to provide it with the nutrients which it so needs. The solution lies in going herbal! Yes, herbal remedies and products can really make the skin healthy and hence glowing. The following are some of the herbal methods that you can follow:


grapesTo add instant glow to your skin, take a few grapes, cut them into half and rub them on your face. You can even make a pack by mashing a few black grapes and see the benefits in just a few minutes.

Cucumber Juice, Glycerin and Rose Water

Another herbal method of adding that glow to your skin is to mix together cucumber juice, rose water and glycerin and then apply this mix to your face. This method works even more when applied before and after stepping into the sun.

Sandalwood, Milk and Turmeric

Turmeric and sandalwood when mixed together with a little bit of milk turn into a paste which when applied to the face, leaves behind a natural glow which everyone will compliment you for. It also provides coolness and freshness to your skin.

Honey and Cream

honeyAnother herbal product or combination which can work wonders for providing that glow to your skin is to mix together honey and cream. This method is great as it makes the skin not only soft but also glowing. It especially works during the winters.

Salt, Fresh Milk and Lime Juice

To use this method, first take some fresh milk, add a pinch of salt and add a little lime juice to this. This method cleans and clears and skin pores and hence leaves the skin glowing.

Tomato Juice

tomato juiceTomato juice is a natural product which works great for the skin. You can mix together tomato juice and lemon juice as this mixture can leave the skin glowing and soft. Tomato juice can also be mixed together with cucumber juice or lemon juice to obtain a similar combination which is good for the skin.

Carrot Juice

carrot juiceAnother natural and herbal product for glowing skin which the nature has given us is carrot juice. Anyone can apply some carrot juice directly onto the face to get an instant natural glow. Having carrot juice regularly is also a great way to get red cheeks and good skin.

Honey and Lemon Juice

Mixing together a little bit of honey with a few drops of lemon juice helps to get a face pack which removes the tan from the face and leaves it healthy, soft and glowing.