How To Overcome From Common Ailments? Hypnosis Helps You Live A Healthier Lifestyle!

HypnosisThinking about how to deal your problem without any medication?

Hypnosis is such a process that can deal with problems by appealing directly to the inner consciousness.

Hypnosis is an alternative medicine therapy that is often used as an addition or complement to other more conventional therapies.

Hypnosis can help you enlist the power of the subconscious to treat physical problems and in the treatment of various ailments.

The hypnotist helps you to access your inner resources to achieve realistic goals. You may also practice hypnosis at your home. This involves:

  • Relaxation
  • Deepening – to move into a relaxed state, count yourself down
  • Suggestions – repeat positive statements that relate to your future goals
  • Ending – count yourself back to move into a fully alert state

Benefits of hypnosis:

  • It helps you to control anxiety, pain and addictions.
  • The use of relaxation and post-hypnotic suggestions may help you to overcome cravings that interrupt your diet and attempts to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • It helps to control pain and nausea that accompany with chemotherapy and surgery, and control asthma and other involuntary bodily responses.

Evidence for hypnosis:

There is some evidence to support that hypnosis has:

  • You can get relief from stress and tension related headaches.
  • Increased positive self image
  • Greater help to loss your weight.
  • If you have taken chemotherapy or any surgery hypnosis helps to reduce the anxiety that accompany with them.
  • You can show improved performance in sports and career activities.
  • It helps to reduce induced pain in an experimental group.
  • Increase receptivity to positive stimulus
  • Reduce craving for drugs, nicotine, caffeine and food.
  • Helps you in adopting new and healthy behaviors.
  • It helps you to relieve from anxiety and depression.
  • Hypnosis is particularly effective with your children.

Speaking in detail, hypnosis is a way of enhancing your control and teaching how to control your body’s functions and sensations that they thought they couldn’t.

Working of hypnosis:

As you enter into the relaxed state, heart rate, breathing and metabolism all slow down. There is a change in your brain waves. In this state, your mind becomes particularly receptive to suggestions and is somehow able to exert control over normally involuntary processes.

Hypnosis is used to encourage you to remember and then believe events which probably never happened.

Criticisms of hypnosis:

The main criticism about hypnosis is that most of the research on hypnosis as a medical tool is inconclusive. Every patient reacts differently, and it is difficult to measure any consistent approach and make it confirm in every situation.

The recall of past memories while you are in hypnotic state may not be accurate and may cause emotional or psychological distress.

Hypnosis as a therapy and as a medical tool can complement other conventional treatments. Hypnotherapists said that, it is rare for you to completely resistant to hypnosis. Results also vary according your motivation.