Hypnosis Convinces Woman She Had Gastric Band Surgery

hypnosisHaving a gastric band fitted surgically is a very serious procedure not least because it involves undergoing anesthetic, which are why, only very seriously obese people would even consider it.

However, a British woman has dropped four whole dress sizes after believing she’d been fitted with one, even though she didn’t have one.

Marion Corns, who is thirty five years old, paid out £ 780, about twelve hundred dollars, for a special therapy in Marbella Spain at the Elite Clinic.

Hypnosis has been used for different treatments from stopping smoking, removing phobias and fears and helping with sleep problems. It is also recognised as being medically successful for pain relief often resulting in the reduction of drugs required by patients.

Mother of three, Marion, found out about the treatment while she was living in Spain.

Having previously tried a variety of methods in an effort to lose weight finally as she reached two hundred and sixteen pounds the hypnosis seemed her only option.

After each session, Marion explained, her stomach felt tighter and after a small portion of food she was full up. The Hypnosis therapy included the pumping of smells associated with a hospital being introduced, all of which convinced Marion that she had indeed had a gastric band fitted.

Marion is now delighted after losing fifty five pounds over a period of four months. After reaching a fantastic size fourteen, she is still shedding a weekly three pounds.

The hypnosis must have worked a treat, because Ms Corns really believes that a surgeon did actually use a knife on her.

Many British newspapers have carried her quote that she does not recall being wheeled into theatre or waking up in recovery.