Hypnosis To Cure Children’s Anxiety

hypnosisHypnosis, an altered state of consciousness, can help cure children’s anxieties.

A trained therapist can help a child undergo hypnosis in order to control or get rid of fears and other conditions.

Many children today suffer from anxieties and stress placed upon them from a world that is bigger than they are.

This frightening world is only compounded when images from television and other media creep into a child’s imagination.

Much of the fear and tension a child goes through comes from normal, everyday things that may have been made bigger than life or that has hurt them.

A few examples of anxiety provoking instances are: the doctor where he or she has gotten a shot, of course many children are afraid of the dark and often they are scared of monsters.

Usually these fears will abate in time, however, some children will grow up to have phobias, or worse, which can detract them from their daily lives and upset their day-to-day relationships and functions.

When children can no longer work and play in their daily lives because of overwhelming fears, they can be helped out by hypnosis. Under hypnosis, a hypnotherapy specialist will walk through with the child and face the cause of the anxiety.

They will work with the child through suggestions on how to release the anxieties or lessen them so that they do not affect their lives. These sessions are done in a safe environment with no harm to the child.

In the altered state, they may suggest replacing their fears with happy feelings, so that their reactions can be programmed to react a different way towards the anxiety.

A case where a child had to undergo hypnosis because she had developed a fear of all dogs was due to the fact that the neighbor’s dog had suddenly lunged at her and continued to bark.

This left her unable to move, struck by fear that the dog would attack her, even though the dog was tethered and could not come any closer.

She was finally taken out of the situation but she refused to walk past the house and had subsequent nightmares.

Her parents brought her to a therapist who used hypnosis to guide the child through the scenario and helped her overcome her fear. The child was reconditioned, seeing the dog as a guard dog that could not harm her because of the leash.

The barking was also addressed as a way for the dog to communicate, not just as a threatening sound. After several sessions, the child’s nightmares diminished and she was able to go past the house without incident.

Hypnosis did not hinder her development, but rather, got rid of her constant stress. Hypnosis helped her to be free of her anxieties.