Managing Agony Through Hypnotism

hypnotismPain is more psychological; than anything else. Hypnosis for pain management is very effective in reducing chronic pain.

Taking medication would provide temporary relief, however Hypnosis gives relief for a much longer time.

The main thing to be kept in mind when going for Hypnosis for pain management are-

  • The doctor should be a smooth talker
  • The doctor should be a jovial person
  • The doctor should be empathetic
  • The doctor should be easy to contact

If the pain happens to be primarily physical; then a mild painkiller would do. However, if the symptoms are chronic and of phantom pain, then Hypnosis is required.

Phantom pain is 100% psychological and requires Hypnosis treatment. However, chronic pain may require medication alongside Hypnosis.

If the doctor is able to convince the patient that there is no pain; then the patient will become alright in no time.This situation is precarious for both the doctor and the patient.

The doctor needs to make the brain of a patient numb; through hypnosis. Like aforementioned; this is a precarious situation. In other words the doctor needs to be a good magician.

Hypnosis acts like a steroid; and there is always a risk that it may not work. The difference however is that with hypnotism, there is little or no risk. If hypnosis is successful; then the result is better than the taking of steroids, with the added advantage of no side effects.

Men and women alike are turning to Hypnosis for pain management. This way of treating pain is more effective than taking medication.

In this form of treatment also a patient needs to take certain precautions just like in other forms of treatments. Further a patient needs to take the doctor seriously and reciprocate to the doctor.

The bottom-line is both should participate on an equal basis. A one sided thing won’t do. Before going to any doctor, it is worth the while to consult people first. Only if they have benefited from a certain doctors treatment, should you go to him/her.

A doctor who is good would be renowned anyhow. The potency of a doctor’s hypnosis lies in making a patient believe in what is unreal. Pain may be for real; however it is upto the doctor to convince you that there is no pain.

This is where the merit of the doctor lies. A visit or two would convince you about the doctor’s caliber.

Hypnosis is an art and a doctor needs to refine his/her art, however, not at the cost of a patient. In the case of phantom pain there is no alternative medicine.

You would need Hypnosis treatment for pain. Just a few words on phantom pain won’t be out of place here. A pain in the knee of a missing leg is called phantom pain.