Myths and Misconceptions about Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state of psychology which is similar to sleep but has a different level of awareness when compared to the conscious state. Due to the portrayal of hypnosis in media and television, many people tend to have several types of myths and misconceptions about hypnosis. The following are some of the common myths associated with this practice and the truth behind them.

myths and misconceptions about hypnosis

Myth: Some People can’t be Hypnotized

It is a myth that some people cannot be hypnotized but the actual fact is that everyone has the ability to go into the state of hypnosis. We are in this state atleast two times a day-upon falling asleep and on awakening. Infact, sometimes we may get so engrossed in music or watching television that we enter the state of hypnosis.

Myth: We can be Hypnotized to do things against our will

No one can make us do anything against our will or hypnotize us against our will since the hypnosis practitioner is only a guide. Infact, when a hypnosis session is happening, one is totally aware of what is going on and can control it.

Myth: One Only Reveals the Truth During a Hypnosis Session

It is a myth that one only tells the truth and reveals personal secrets during hypnosis. The actual fact is that one can lie during this state and also control what you reveal and what you choose to withhold.

Myth: One doesn’t Remember Anything after Hypnosis

Many people think that after a hypnosis session, one doesn’t remember anything that happened during the session. The truth in reality is that one does remember things said or experienced during the session and the degree to which he/she remembers depends upon the exact state of the hypnosis level.

Myth: A Person can get Struck in Hypnotic State Forever

It is a common myth that people can get struck in the state of hypnosis forever. In reality, this does not happen. No one has ever been struck in the state forever and there are no known dangers of this kind associated with this practice. Some people drift into sleep but never in that state.

Myth: Intelligent People can’t be Hypnotized

Studies suggest that people who have better abilities to concentrate or focus are more likely to be hypnotized easily and hence the idea that intelligent people can’t be hypnotized is nothing but a myth.