How Does “Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy” Work?

Stop smoking hypnotherapy is one of the popular smoking cessation aids that people opt for these days.

Hypnotherapy is used for resolving several different addictive behaviors and substance abuse, for overcoming depression and even gambling problems.

Similarly, stop smoking hypnotherapy is used to help one quit smoking in a natural way that doesn’t involve using any medicines, chemicals or external devices.

Some hypnotherapy courses and therapist claim that hypnotherapy could actually be more effective in helping people quit and quit for good without craving a cigarette. So you don’t just stop smoking, you effectively get help to become a non-smoker.

Stop Smoking HypnotherapyHow does it work?

There are hypnotherapists who offer one-on-one sessions, which take you through a step-by-step process of hypnosis that helps you achieve your objectives.

Depending upon the therapists and your own progress, the number of therapy sessions can be determined.

There are many CDs, books and DVDs that also offer hypnotherapy sessions which take you through the process to help you quit smoking.

This could be an economical way to try to give up smoking at home without a therapist actually being present.

The aim of this therapy is to take a person back to the time before they smoked – it is to make a person a ‘non smoker’ as opposed to merely making them give up smoking.

The emotional blocks that keep you smoking and that make you resist habit change are meant to be removed so that you can give up smoking once and for all.

How effective is stop smoking hypnotherapy?

The reviews about hypnotherapy CDs and other programs that claim to help you quit smoking tend to be mixed. The way hypnotherapy affects one individual can be vastly different from the way if affects another.

For instance it could be that a woman, fed up of her husband and son smoking, gets a hypnotherapy CD to get them to quit smoking. While the CD was very effective for the son, it had no effect on the husband at all. So the impacts of the same program can be diametrically opposite on two different people.

The point, that many reviews make, is that hypnotherapy to stop smoking will not work for you if you don’t really want to quit smoking yourself. It will probably be most effective if you’ve yourself made up your mind to kick the butt. People who claim that stop smoking hypnotherapy works for them sometimes also claim that it helps them relax and possibly sleep better too.