7 Effective Tips to Prevent Highway Hypnosis

Have you ever driven on a highway for a long time and realized that you don’t remember the last few miles that you drove? Well this condition is known as highway hypnosis.  Most of us experience this at some point or another and this can actually be a little frightening and dangerous. This is also referred to as white line fever and is a condition in which the mind wanders away from the road. But there are many ways to prevent highway hypnosis and the following are a few of the effective ones.

tips to prevent highway hypnosis

1. Get a Lot of Rest

One of the best ways to prevent highway hypnosis is to get a lot of rest before the drive. Mind usually wanders due to fatigue but if one gets a lot of rest then this condition can be prevented altogether.  Make sure you sleep for about 7-8 hours the night before you have to start the long driving trip.

2. Start Early

It is a lot easier to drive in the morning than at the evening or night. Thus it is important to start as early as possible. The body has to work harder to drive in the night and this can make one go into highway hypnosis. Moreover driving in the night is a constant act of focussing on headlights which too can lead to this condition.

3. Turn up the Radio

The mind tends to go into its own thoughts while driving but this can be avoided by turning up the radio. Make sure you listen to more upbeat music while driving as that keeps the distraction levels low and prevents highway hypnosis.

4. Take Breaks Regularly

While driving, make sure you park your car every now and then, get off it and take a little walk. Taking breaks regularly helps to keep you fresh, energetic and gives your mind chance to avoid getting bored and hence hypnotic. Also, sitting in the same position for a long continuous stretch can strain your body and can make you feel fatigued and hence hypnotic.

5. Keep the Temperatures Cool

Another way to prevent highway hypnosis is to keep the temperatures cool. Warm temperatures tend to make the body feel more comforted, cosy and relaxed which can put it into highway hypnosis.  It can also make you feel drowsy. Hence it is a good idea to keep the temperatures down or cool.  Put the air conditioner on or the windows slightly open to let the breeze flow in.

6. Keep Yourself a Little Occupied

It is a good idea to keep yourself a little busy, occupied and keep changing the activities. For example, drink a soda, chew some gum, stretch your legs and sing along with the radio. These small things will keep you active and will hence prevent highway hypnosis.

7. Pay Attention to the Road

It is true that highway hypnosis occurs when one continuously looks at the road but paying attention to activities on the road ahead can keep you alert and hence away from drifting into a hypnotic state.