What Is Gastric Band Hypnosis?

gastric band hypnosisGastric Band hypnosis is a much discussed topic and there is much curiosity about it currently. So what really is gastric band hypnosis?

  • In this procedure, the subconscious mind, in a state of hypnosis, is made to believe that gastric banding surgery has taken place. In other words the mind is tricked into believing that there is a physical reason for being able to eat only small quantities of food when in fact there is no actual physical reason.
  • There are limitations – if a person has a phobia about surgery, this is not suitable for them. If the person is anyway not a big eater, this will not help either.
  • The first step to this procedure is to be in the right place emotionally as well as mentally, so the person should not have unhealthy relationships with food or any other problems, behaviors and habits that would impede progress.
  • The root cause of eating is also examined here; whether it is stress, boredom, low self esteem, as punishment, or a perception of lost control that is making them eat the way that they do.
  • With the therapy, the person assumes control rather than the food controlling them. They can eat as before; the difference being that they get full a lot quicker.
  • There are none of the physical risks that are associated with the actual surgical procedure.