The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Iridology

Iridology or iris diagnosis is a method or a tool which many naturopaths use to evaluate the health condition of the person by looking at the iris.  This method is performed by making use of a magnifying glass, torch and an iris camera.

The practitioner takes a close look at the iris of the person and examines the health on the basis of the iris colour and other points.  Even though there is little evidence about its scientific backing but a lot of people believe in its effectiveness.  If you are a beginner to this practice, then the following given information will prove useful.


Cholesterol Ring

If the outer perimeter of the iris appears to be a white frosted circle, then this can mean that the person has high cholesterol levels.  This can also be a sign of increase risk of heart conditions and diseases.  In such a case, one must take fish oil supplements or capsules or exercise regularly.

Nerve Rings

Nerve rings are referred to as the concentric arcs which can appear anywhere on the iris.  They are a sign that the person worries a lot and is sensitive. The more the nerve rings, the more nervous or anxious the person remains at all times.  In such a case, the advice that iris practitioners can give is to take regular baths with Epsom salts, meditate, engage in yoga and adopt home remedies such as kava and passion flower.

Lymphatic Rosary

Lymphatic rosary is a kind of a rosary which consists of small beads of cream or white splodges.  If such a rosary line appears around the perimeter of the iris then this indicates that the person has a sluggish lymphatic system and that the immune system of that person may need increase amounts of vitamin C, garlic, zinc and Echinacea. This can also be a sign of resistance to dairy products.

A Pulsating Pupil

If the pupil of the person tends to pulsate in and out and appears larger than usual then this can point to the fact that the person is experiencing fatigue or exhausted adrenally.  This fatigue can be a result of overexertion, stress, lack of sleep, lack of rest or going through a difficult time emotionally.  One of the ways to treat this is to take vitamin B supplements and some adrenal herbs like licorice and rehmannia etc.

Blood Vessels

If fine red blood vessels appear in the white of the eye or the area which is known as the sclera then this indicates that the person is more prone to having allergies and allergic reactions.  These reactions could be to foods, airborne allergens or even smoke.  To treat this, it is important to identify the allergen and minimize contact with it.

It is a fact that no specific disease can be cured by using iridology.  This method only reveals whether the various body parts are working in fine condition or not and this can help practitioners suggest ways to treat issues.