Iridology – Perfect Method Of Diagnosing Your Disease

IridologyIridology is a method of alternative treatment in which the color of the iris is used to indicate the presence of different toxins.

It is mainly the study of the visible parts of the eye, especially the iris.

The eyes are the mirror to the soul. They are also the mirror to the body, particularly for the purpose of determining various ailments.

The iris of the eye reveals body constitution, inherent weakness, levels of health and transitions that take place in the body according to the way one lives.

Iridology is used in conjunction with many forms of therapies including acupuncture (Benefits of Acupuncture), herbal medicine, and homeopathy (Uses of Homeopathy Medicine). According to iridologists the nervous system comes to the body surface in the eyes, so the condition of all parts of the body is reflected in the eye’s appearance.

The practitioners of iridology use the method to help you as a preventative measure understand the basic problems in order to refer you to a specialist if needed.

The principle behind this is, if a disease is detected in the very early stages it can be prevented from spreading further.

The iris, the colored part of the eye is studied for these markings and color changes by isolating the iris and taking pictures of it with a very strong lens. All these process takes about an hour.

During this process you won’t experience any pain. The photos are observed by your iridologist by using a magnifying glass and used to determine and identify potential ailments.

This holistic treatment is well accepted by other disciplines of alternative medicine.

When you are taking this treatment, the color changes in the eye at the very onset of the degenerative disease are used by the body to indicate an upcoming health problem. It warns you to seek preventative measures.

Benefits of iridology:

  • The main advantage of iridology over other forms of health techniques is that changes appear in the iris before the physical symptoms develop.
  • Iridology is a safe and non-invasive diagnostic technique.
  • It requires no anesthetic or drugs.
  • It helps in restoration and maintenance of health through building up your immunity and life force.
  • Iridology indicates the presence of inflammation and toxic conditions.

Criticisms of iridology:

  • Since the courses offered are usually no more than two to three days in length, the practitioners of iridology are often not completely trained. They are put on by marketing companies who offer certification as an iridologist to their distributors. This results in over diagnosis with the distributors pushing their products through their specialists. It doesn’t connect with the named diseases.
  • Iridology will not reveal surgery performed under anesthesia as nerve impulses are discontinued.
  • Iridology doesn’t locate parasites, gallstones, or germ life.