How can Anxiety be Treated with Kinesiology?

The study of human movement is called Kinesiology and is commonly known as human kinetics. This study helps us to understand the reasons and mechanisms behind various human movements and also helps to cure problems like anxiety, psychological disturbance, mental strength, and so on.

Anxiety is also a psychological condition where you may feel restless most of the time. You may also feel worried, and that can result in sleeplessness, palpitation, muscular pain and even claustrophobia. You can also find it difficult to concentrate. While there are treatments like counseling, Kinesiology can also help to cure the problem of anxiety.

anxiety be treated with kinesiologyHow Kinesiology Cures Anxiety

  • Kinesiology will first understand all your anxiety symptoms. Since all people suffering from anxiety do not have the same symptoms, this study makes sure that your signs are recorded and the study finds out the cause to your behavior. This includes finding out the things that cause your anxiety and thus creating a cause and effect relationship.
  • Since the study is about human kinetics or motion, with this therapy, the actions that cause your anxiety will be redirected and used as your cure. If you are unnerved by noise, then the therapy will teach you how to condition your mind so that you are able to convert the noise into a pattern so that it sounds like music. The key is to find a pattern in the noise so that it sounds like tune sets and thus gives you the feeling of music.
  • Kinesiology helps you to relieve stress so that you do not feel anxious any more. If you are stressed by work and by deadlines in office, then you need to learn to relax. One method is to shout it out. You need to find out a place where you can shout as much as you can so that all your fear and negative energy drains out.
  • Anxiety can cause physical problems like muscle and joint pain, headaches, low appetite, and so on. Kinesiology helps you start exercising as activity clears out a lot of inhibitions.
  • In this way you also come to terms with who you really are and therefore you do not feel anxious any more. Part of the anxiety that you face is fear that is not released from your system and you must come to terms with it so that you know that there is nothing to be afraid of.

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