A Tailored Combination of Nutrition and Yoga to Help Cancer Patients

As the researches regarding cancer are making advancements, more and more people start talking about the benefits of yoga and nutritional education. In fact, some of the researchers are working solely with children to help them manage their condition and to lay the basis of a healthy future.

A Tailored Combination of Nutrition and Yoga to Help Cancer Patients


Yoga comes with many different benefits, including coordination, balance, improving the quality of life, and decreasing the pain. In some cases nutrition and yoga represent a complementary treatment offered in addition to the traditional treatment.

The Main Goal

The goal of the specialists is to teach the patients about these practices so that they will use them in their everyday life as well. For example, the breathing exercises can help the patients with pain and anxiety. In order to find out how effective the practice is, the specialists monitor all the patients to learn about their outcomes and to be able to draw conclusions. Once the study is over, the specialists intend to share their findings with the rest of the world so that other doctors will be able to help other patients.

Yoga and Eating

All patients of the program have yoga on an everyday basis. After the yoga class they have a class regarding nutrition during which they get some hand-on experience from a real chef. The main focus is on the foods that don’t belong to the comfort zone of the patients, but that are healthy and tasty.

The Patients

Usually children are more open-minded regarding trying new foods. The parents of the children may be amazed to see that their children are eating hummus. By seeing this, the parents can be convinced that foods of this kind can be beneficial as well and thus the families will introduce them into their regular diet.

Tailored Yoga Sessions

The specialists use yoga to assess the strength of children. The more the therapists work with a patient, the more they can learn about their needs and the better solutions they will be able to offer them. In case the yoga exercises fit the needs of patients, they will get a sense of power which will help them through their treatment.

Using chemotherapy isn’t the only way to treat cancer patients. In fact, it’s not only the cancer that needs to be treated, but the patients also need spiritual treatment in order to be able to face everything that’s coming their way.