Learn More about Mindfulness Exercise

In our days everybody is busy and stressed and they don’t take the time to empty their minds. Most people don’t have 5 minutes to relax so it is just natural that they don’t waste hours with meditation. However, it is important to allow your mind to rest every now and then.

Learn More about Mindfulness Exercise

One Minute Breathing

For this exercise you just have to focus on your breathing. Breathe slowly in and out. Breathe in, count to six and then breathe out. Your mind will try to wonder, but you should do your best to focus on your breathing. See how the breath enters the body, filling it with life and then it leaves the body.

Mindful Observation

This is a fairly simple exercise. You just have to pick a living organism in your surroundings and focus on it for one minute. You can pick an insect, a flower, a star or the Moon. Let all your thoughts fade away as you focus on the chosen object.

Mindful Listening

This exercise requires you to choose a song that you have never heard before. Don’t think about the artist or the genre; just get lost in the music. You shouldn’t form any judgment or thoughts. If there is no music, just listen to the noises that your surroundings produce.

Touch Points

Think of something that you do several times each day, such as opening a door. Then touch the door knob and become mindful about the way you feel, there you are and what you are doing. This exercise doesn’t have to be physical. You can perform the exercise every time something bad happens to you to draw away your attention.

Game of Five

For this exercise you should focus on five things you usually don’t notice. These can be sounds, smells, or pictures. For example you could be thinking about hearing the birds, seeing the walls, smelling flowers or feeling your clothes. Try to be aware of these and the connections that they have with the world.

A Regular Routine

Choose a routine that you usually don’t think about and focus on it. For instance you could think about cleaning the house. Be mindful about doing the dishes and scrubbing the floor. Don’t simply go through the activity as if you were in an auto-pilot mode. Really be aware of your motions, feelings, and experiences.

As you can see, the simplest things can bring mindfulness to you.